Ladies, beware of innocent outlaws and others whom fate casts astray.
They'll tell sad stories that tug at your heart strings and you'll probably want them to stay.
Their eyes may be blue as the mid-summer skies or dark as the pits of hell.
They'll roar into your life like the fourth of July and soon you will like them too well.

And, Ladies, beware of all gallant highwaymen, beware of virtuous rakes.
They'll tell you they love you and touch you as gently as if they thought you might break.
Their skin feels like velvet, their muscles, like bones, they'll tell you they came from the gutter.
They're cuddly as babies and friendly as puppies and warm as sweet melted butter

So, Ladies, beware of naive desperados, beware of woebegone strays.
They'll show you their scars and smile like the sunshine and leave you in sweet disarray.
Their hair may be ivory and hang past their shoulders or dark and curl round their ears,
but, Fate, please keep Ladies from guileless gamblers and swashbuckling mutineers.

So, Ladies, beware of beautiful bandits, beware of honorable thieves.
They'll tell you that they were jut innocent victims and then steal your heart when they leave.

© Dora Siemel, 1975 All Rights Reserved