The moon above, the stars below
I fly, I need no wings.
Horses soar and gryphons romp
and nightengales sing.

Magic seeped into my life
by chance and whim of time
with moon stained eyes
and whispering grace
and cotton clouds to climb.

You wandered out of your world
and stumbled into mine
where what never was, has always been,
like a taste of were wine.

With silken sheets of silence folded
'round joy that burns like fire,
the majestic and the crystalline
entwine in my desire.

Gay banners fly from gilded towers,
luscious fruit weigh down each tree
and secret witches smile softly
with a touch of oddity.

The faint rumble of a distant dragon
stirs memories of a star filled sea
before the magic traced my bones
with a smudge of wizardry.

Dazzling drops from perfumed fountains
explode like liquid dynamite
and dragons streak across the sky
to snack on weather satellites.

You wandered out of your world.
Would you like to stay in mine?
Where what never was has always been,
like a taste of were wine.
Would you like a taste of were wine?
Try just a sip of were wine.

© DoraSiemel.com, 1975 All Rights Reserved